Dun Laoghaire GH1

Harbour Court, George’s Place,Dun Laoghaire, A96 P0A4

Dun Laoghaire GH1

Located near Dun Laoghaire’s West Pier, the GH1 co-working space consists of eight office spaces, each fitted with furniture, high-speed broadband internet, intelligent lighting and private intercom system. Members also have access to outdoor bike racks, a fully equipped kitchen, showers and lots of other amenities.

This diverse office space attracts an array of members from software developers to marketing and branding companies. It’s only a 5-minute walk from Dart station, and this office space is close to multiple parking options – Marina Parking, Bloomfield Shopping Centre, or on-street parking. Immerse yourself in one of the towns most entrepreneurial neighbourhoods at Dun Laoghaire GH1.See also Why Dun Laoghaire, if you are still not convinced.

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Book Meeting Room

The Glasshouse Dun Laoghaire – GH1 – Meeting Room, or as we like to call it the “Inspiration Room”, can seat up to 8 persons, but is also great for smaller groups.

The desks in the room are fully configurable so it can be setup as a Board Room or a Training Lab, you decide.

Use the online booking form to book this meeting room, with the option to add Tea & Coffees (with Bickies) pre-prepared.

The Small Print In Big Print and Online

"We" do not charge for network and internet access.

Free internet and network access for all your users. Our internet runs on 2 separate systems: one with 400Mbs download and 40Mbs upload and another with 1Gbs upload AND download. These systems are load balanced across our network. You get your own virtual network for your office and also your very own Wifi SSID, that is available throughout the building. No hidden price per user.

"We" give lots of free access.

Free inspiration and meeting room access:  4 hours per desk per calendar month. What this means is that even if you take a 6 desk office and if you only request 3 desks, you will still get 6×4 hours which is equal to 24 hours of inspiration and meeting room access per calendar month.

"We" make booking and pricing fair.

We don’t believe that you should pay extra for a bigger meeting room if the smaller one is unavailable. We don’t believe that you should pay extra for a big meeting space when you want to impress a new client. So, at The Glasshouses, you only pay the same hourly fee for all types of inspiration and meeting rooms.

"We" do not hold you to ransom.

Our agreement is set for a defined period such as 12 months, 18 months or even 24 months. However, you can cancel this agreement with only 2 months notice without the need to pay a break fee or remaining months on your licence fee.

"We" require a deposit.

As a holding deposit and/or security deposit we hold 2 months licence fee, that is refundable upon termination of the License Agreement, and subject to terms of the License Agreement.