Here at the Glasshouses we are extremely excited for when we can bring people safely back to work during these unprecedented times using the Corporate Hybrid Workplace model. . As the world went into lockdown due to COVID-19, people have had to reinvent the ways in which they work which has meant remote working has become the new norm for many over the last twelve months. Whilst working from home has had its perks for many, such as video calls in pyjamas, it has also highlighted many issues, for example, the loss of an organised routine that many people feel is necessary in order to work efficiently. It’s not an ideal situation to work from home on a full-time basis and therefore, a balance between work life and home life needs to be instilled so that we can work productively.

Most importantly, people benefit hugely from interacting with others during their day to day work and the value in maintaining social connections can’t be replicated whilst working remotely. Social interaction is important, whether it’s having a break to grab coffee with colleagues or having a conversation in the hallways, these interactions are essential, even in today’s climate where we must adhere to COVID-19 guidelines and keep socially distanced. At The Glasshouses, we are happy to bring people back together in a safe way and re-establish a sense of normality into the lives of many.

Hot Desk Space Dun Laogahire

We are providing a seamless workspace between home and office; A hybrid workspace model. This model allows companies to have their own desk workspace within the co-working space. Pre COVID-19, this was not the norm, but due to the circumstances of the world in which we now live this model allows employees to split their time between the workplace and their home in the future. This model avoids the wasted time that employees spend commuting to and from work, especially for those living in places such as Bray or South County Dublin who have to leave their home earlier in the morning and leave work later in the evening just to miss the city centre commute traffic. With the hybrid workspace model, those who spend three to four hours a day commuting to ensure they arrive to work on time can replace these hours with anything from a five-minute walk or cycle to fifteen-minute drive to The Glasshouses in Dún Laoghaire.

The Glasshouses are, and have been, completely COVID-19 compliant as soon as guidelines were released last year. This enables businesses to look to the suburbs of Dublin such as Dún Laoghaire and South County Dublin, where they can provide working space for their employees. The Glasshouses have two locations in Dún Laoghaire to meet these needs. We are offering workspaces where organisations can give their staff the opportunity to do their work in their company’s dedicated offices. These dedicated offices for businesses can be offered to staff who live in the surrounding areas of Dún Laoghaire, Monkstown, Blackrock, Killiney, Dalkey and many others areas, on a full-time basis or on a rota-basis which would allow staff to work from home on specific days of the week. Staff can work in a safe and socially distanced environment whilst still enjoying collaboration with their colleagues. We are offering small businesses and corporates the facilities to have their own dedicated spaces in The Glasshouses. Another benefit is that each office comes with free meeting room hours, which means staff will not need to commute to the city centre for meetings.
The Glasshouses, GH1 and GH2, are situated in Dún Laoghaire in the county of Dublin where it’s becoming a work destination for Dublin as Palo Alto is to San Francisco. It is a beautiful suburban coastal town and even with COVID-19 regulations in place, there are huge benefits to working in Dún Laoghaire which is just 13km from Dublin’s city centre and it has a wide variety of amenities. Those who come can breathe in the sea air and take a refreshing stroll along the mile-long east or west pier or sit by the seafront at lunchtime. For those who like to keep it moving, take advantage of the short commute to work and cycle, take a break and run along the pier, ride up Killiney Hill, or try out sea swimming – all of which is easily accessible to do during the day as we have amazing shower facilities at The Glasshouses.

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