Rent Commercial Property, Dublin | What You Need To Know

Rent Commercial Property, Dublin 

Renting a property for your business can be a stressful ordeal. Of course, you want the perfect place that will be comfortable for you and your employees. You have to consider comfort, convenience and practicality among many things before you rent commercial property in Dublin.

Leases and Licences When You Rent Commercial Property

 It is important that you come to a lease agreement that suits you. Whether you want a long term or a short agreement is a decision you must make before you settle. Lease agreements are legally binding documents. They can be useful to confirm the length of your time, whether you can renew your time or cut it short without months’ notice. 

You may want to consider renting an office in a coworking space. A building like the glasshouses in Dun Laoghaire and Sandyford can be ideal for a company. The Glasshouses has a  two-month notice license agreement. Therefore, you don’t need to give a ridiculous amount of months’ notice if you want to change location. You can also use single desks, also known as hot desks. You can agree on whatever amount of days suit you for these rentals, so you don’t feel pressured to use them five days a week. Coworking office space can be a great solution to avoiding long leases and uncomfortable situations. 

Serviced Offices 

If you are renting a building you will probably be expected to hire your own cleaning service, stock your own kitchen or even buy your own tea and coffee for yourself, your employees and clients. This may not seem like a big hassle, but when it’s missing it is a pain. 

Renting an office in a coworking space means that the offices will always be serviced and the coffee pot will always be full. 

To Rent Commercial Property is Expensive

If you do not yet have the budget to spend a large sum of your earnings on office space, maybe a building isn’t for you. Committing to paying a monthly amount long term is a huge commitment for a young company. Even more so, it is a drain on funds that could be used to take on a new employee, make more products and expand your business. 

Renting from a coworking space can be much more cost-efficient and viable for your business. Whether you have a small or large client base. There is never any need to spend unnecessary money on rent, cleaning services and amenities. The great thing about coworking space is that youtube all the benefits of an office, but none of the responsibility

Meeting Room Hire Dublin

If you take out a lease on an office building, and there is not a designated meeting room, you can have a problem. Meeting rooms are essential for a business to look professional and make their clients feel comfortable. You may end up spending money on meeting room hire, on top of your hefty rent fee. 

Coworking space offers affordable meeting room space. This includes meeting rooms in Sandyford and meeting rooms in Dun Laoghaire and soon, meeting rooms in Blackrock. 

Rather Than Rent Commercial Property – Shared Office Space

 Having a shared office space between your coworkers can be an important aspect of team building and productivity. Especially if your company has projects that include multiple employees. That’s why it may seem tempting to rent commercial property in Dublin. However, sharing a coworking space is just as secure, and possibly more beneficial. Not only can you work with your coworkers but you can discuss things business with your fellow business owners in the building at the social events hosted by the Glasshouses. 

Rather Than Rent Commercial Property – Hot-desking

Is your company just you at the moment? Then why rent a whole office when you can hot desk. Hot desking is renting desk space in an office building. So, you get a desk to use in a working environment for a cost-efficient price. If you work from home, you can use this as a way to get out of the house every now and again. 

Rather Than Rent Commercial Property – Coworking Sandyford

The Sandyford coworking space by the Glasshouses is in the south Dublin business district. The benefits of working in an area outside of the city where you are still close to other companies are invaluable. Cowork space is an opportunity to network with other companies in your building. Sandyford business park is a hub of creators, entrepreneurs and successful businesses that are thriving. This environment is perfect for a business to grow in a coworking environment. 

On top of the business benefits, Sandyford is outside the city which means less traffic. The Sandyford offices have access to artisan coffee shops, delicious restaurants and shops. From Aldi to Dunne Stores, you will have everything you need within a short walking distance of the Sandyford coworking spaces. 

Why the Glasshouses is the Best Dublin Coworking Space

The Convenience of a Cowork Space

The Glasshouses offer flexible office space, this means no hassle or stress. This coworking space is affordable, with low start-up costs for a fully furnished space. There is an opportunity to expand or reduce your space with very little notice. 


One of the main reasons to come into an office, rather than work from home, is the social aspect. Working in a coworking space means you can socialise with colleagues and other like-minded individuals. The Glasshouses hosts events to help you socialise. These include member drinks and podcast evenings, 


In business, it’s all about who you know. Working in the glasshouses and attending these socialising events can make you priceless connections. Because of this, your business is given more of an opportunity to grow. Having the support of other business people will inspire your company to grow and thrive. 

Clean – Serviced Offices in Dublin

Serviced office space means that your area will always be clean. In particular, it is important to us that we ensure any remnants are gone from the last member in the shared areas. These include the fully equipped kitchen, the meeting rooms and the hot desks. Of course, private offices are serviced too,


Being a part of a social and supportive environment creates a great atmosphere. When your workplace is a great atmosphere it makes you excited to come in in the mornings. 

Although this may be true due to your job itself, it doesn’t hurt to have some added benefits. The space is made to feel and look creative, displaying local art and  

Location, location, location.

Location is vital when deciding on where you conduct your business. It is important that it is easy to find, accessible by public transport and has parking near your business. Especially if you are planning on having meetings with clients. 

Dun Laoghaire is situated 12km outside Dublin city centre. However, It is easily accessible through the dart and many different bus routes. Because it is outside the city centre there is very little traffic in the mornings. Dun Laoghaire is home to many great restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and plenty of car parks. There are many successful businesses based in Dun Laoghaire as it is a perfect location for small and large organisations.

If you live near a Dart or the 7, 7n, 46a, 46n, 59, 63, 75 or 111 buses, you should consider the Glasshouses Dublin coworking spaces in Dun Laoghaire. 

Our office space Sandyford is right in the heart of things, surrounded by restaurants, cafes and grocery stores. Sandyford is easily accessed by the Luas and many different bus routes. Sandyford is a Business filled location, meaning there is a prime opportunity for growth and success. Our new Sandyford offices are purpose-built with an extra-large meeting room. The offices have a beautiful view overlooking the square. If you live near a Luas, the 1, 47, 75, 114, or 116 buses you should consider the Glasshouses Dublin coworking spaces in Sandyford. 

The Glasshouses

All of our offices are beautiful purpose-built rooms of all sizes, with comfortable chairs, desks and locks on the doors to keep your equipment safe. 

There are a lot of choices when it comes to Dublin coworking space. It is important that you make the right decision based on research and you’re own needs. If you’re looking for somewhere to grow your business and meet like-minded individuals, we suggest you book a tour with the Glasshouses in Dun Laoghaire or Sandyford. This will give you a feel of the buildings, to make sure it suits your needs before you make a decision.