Why Rent a Meeting Room in Sandyford

Why Renting a Meeting Room in Sandyford Can Make You Look More Professional

Having a business means you must consider your brand’s image in everything you do. That means the location of your meeting room is one of the most important things for your success. Showing your clients that your product business is in a professional setting will show them that you mean business. All of The Glasshouses Locations are sleek, purpose-built offices that encourage businesses to grow and thrive. In an environment where everyone is like-minded and driven, you feel inspired to achieve great things. The same goes for your clients when they enter your meeting room. When someone admires the decor of a room it makes them automatically feel more comfortable and impressed. This means better rapport, quicker trust and therefore more sales. While the office space can not guarantee you any pitch will go well, it is definitely a start to getting off on the right foot.

Rent a Meeting Room in Sandyford

Sandyford is a perfect location to rent a meeting room for brainstorming with your staff or meeting a new client.  Sandyford business park is full of successful and thriving businesses from all different fields. This is located a stone’s throw away from our offices, The Glasshouses Sandyford. In the beacon south quarter, we have offices, hot desks, and meeting rooms in our building. The meeting rooms are fully furnished and equipped with state of the art video conferencing technology. This means you can host video conferences with clients who are abroad or unable to make it to the office that day. The equipment includes a large television with a webcam and speakers installed. Having your meeting in a professional environment like a meeting room in The Glasshouses shows that you have a legitimate company that means business. We house many successful companies in The Glasshouses, including companies and sole traders. 

Sandyford is easily accessible through public transport. Our offices are only a five-minute walk from the Luas stop and many bus routes. It is easily accessible by car, just off the M50. There is extremely affordable all-day parking in the beacon south quarter or in the Luas park & ride. Around you, you have many restaurants, cafes and shops to choose from for your after-work grocery shop. 

Where To Get Coffee For Your Meeting Room In Sandyford

The Glasshouses all have fully stocked kitchenettes. In Sandyford, you have access to an espresso machine equipped with a milk frother. You will also find large cafetieres, for if you wish to make a large pot of coffee for your group. 

If you prefer to go out for a cup of coffee there are a few great options to choose from. These can be especially enticing if you are in the meeting room all day and want to stretch your legs and refresh your mind for more brainstorming. 

The Coffee Shot is the closest to the office, located right in the beacon south quarter. It is full of beautiful pastries, protein balls and other homemade treats. While it is always busy there the staff manage to stay friendly, and have been known to recognise you when you’re a recurring customer. This may seem like a given to some, but in inner-city Dublin, it can be hard to find that sort of service, as there is such high traffic coming in and out of their shops. That’s one of the many reasons that booking a meeting room in Sandyford can benefit your business. 

Besides The Coffee Shot, there is another coffee shop named Humble Pie. Humble Pie is known for its fantastic service and great sandwiches, snacks and coffee. Next door to that is a Starbucks, where you can get exactly what you can get in every other Starbucks

Coworking Office Space

Our meeting room spaces in Sandyford are only one of the great features The Glasshouses has to offer. In each building, we have glass-walled office spaces. These offices can be big enough for your company to fit in. Renting an office space is fantastic for a company, as your employees can work together on projects with ease. If you are a sole trader, no worries, we have smaller offices perfect for you to do your work.

Being in a coworking environment encourages you to work hard at your profession, as you will take inspiration from those around you. The Glasshouses have many different companies from all aspects of the business world. This diversity in the workplace will add a creative and energetic atmosphere to the office space. 

One of the benefits of a coworking space is the ability to network. The Glasshouses host events in our buildings to encourage our members to get to know each other. These events help you invaluable contacts while making the workplace a bit more fun.

Serviced Office Dublin

Having a serviced office can have many benefits for your company, we will tell you some now. 


Renting a coworking office space or hot desk is extremely economical compared to renting an office building. When you rent an office space, hotdesk or meeting room, everything is already there. No need to go out and buy tables, chairs or video conferencing equipment for your meeting room.

No Huge Commitment

The Glasshouses do not require you to sign a long-standing contract or lease to rent office space in our buildings. Alternatively, you sign a license agreement which states you only need to give two months’ notice before you vacate your office space. 


The offices are serviced every night to ensure the bathrooms and shared spaces are kept clean. It is important to us that the kitchen is kept clean, as many people use it. 


No need to worry about bills, building insurance or any of that other important (and expensive) stuff. 

Where Else Are The GlassHouses Located?

Rent a Meeting Room in Blackrock

Our meeting rooms in Blackrock, previously Soco Suites, are professionally hotdesking and conferencing spaces. With fully serviced office space, keypad entry, highspeed wifi, underground parking, tea and coffee station, lockers and shower facilities. We have meeting rooms open to members and non-members. They each have a phone booth and a digital display. Renting a meeting room in this building would benefit any company. Having your employees meet in a space where they can bounce ideas off each other and converse allows creativity to grow and blossom into ideas and plans. 

Our Blackrock meeting rooms are easily accessible through public transport. They are only a six-minute walk from the Dart station and the 4,7 and 7A bus routes. The Glasshouses Blackrock are just off the N31 and there is underground parking.

Where To Get Coffee For Your Meeting Room In Blackrock

In all of The Glasshouses locations, there is a fully stocked kitchenette that provides you with tea and coffee for your meetings. However, if you wish to venture out of your meeting room to get some fresh air for a moment then Hatch Coffee might be the best option for you. Hatch has a wonderful selection of treats from Bread 41 and quality coffee. 

Another great option in the area is Bear Market. They have great coffee and delicious cakes and treats that cater to all allergens. If you are looking for more Irish breakfast with a black coffee, we recommend The News Cafe down the road. This cafe serves up all the classics and is always enjoyed by all involved. 

Rent a Meeting Room in Dun Laoghaire 

The Glasshouse Dun Laoghaire have two branches. GH1 and GH2. GH1 is only a six-minute walk from the dart and is home to many successful companies. It has four serviced offices, twelve hot desks, two meeting rooms and three one seat booths. GH2 is home to equally impressive tenants, twenty-three serviced offices, four meeting rooms and thirty hot desks. Located only around the corner from GH2, a 7-minute walk from the dart and close to a lot of affordable day parking spaces. GH1 and GH2 have meeting rooms equipped with state of the art video conferencing tools. Your meeting room will be cleaned between bookings.

Where To Get Coffee For Your Meeting Room In Dun Laoghaire

There are many fantastic coffee shops in Dun Laoghaire. Our favourite is Two Beans. This coffee shop has impeccable service and even better coffee. While they don’t have space to sit inside they do have tables outside where you can sit out in the sun. There are some other great options in Dun Laoghaire too. Right next to the GH2 you have The Natural Bakery. This is a great stop for pastries, coffee and a place to sit down and relax. Next door you have Le Chocolat de Fréd. This coffee shop has an incredible selection of different chocolates and gift ideas made of chocolate. They give you a little chocolate with your coffee too!

Why The Glasshouses?

The Glasshouses are a community that encourages businesses to grow and flourish. Having an environment that suits your growth will make the world of difference when it comes down to it. So why wait? Book a tour today to see what all the hype is about.