Serviced Offices in Dublin | Furnished & Ready To Work

The Glasshouses Serviced Offices in Dublin

The Glasshouses are purpose-built Serviced office spaces in Dublin that provide the means for businesses to grow. We ensure that you have the best possible working environment. We have four offices, Two The Glasshouses Dun Laoghaire (GH1 and GH2), The Glasshouses Sandyford and The Glasshouses Blackrock. 

What is a Serviced Office? 

Our serviced offices are fully furnished workspaces with wifi, state of the art video conferencing equipment and the fastest broadband internet available. Serviced offices are particularly useful for sole traders, small businesses and new businesses. This is due to the single office spaces for rent, the hot desk spaces, the larger offices for rent and our two-month notice licence if you wish to cancel your membership. It is a much more cost-efficient and simple process than renting an office building. There is a cleaning service to ensure the kitchenette, floors, bathrooms and desks are all kept clean. In the kitchenette, we provide tea, coffee, milk and treats for our members.

Serviced Offices in Dublin, The Glasshouses Dun Laoghaire Offices

In our Dun Laoghaire offices, we have a meeting room hot desk and office space. We house some very successful companies, some as sole traders, some offices full of teams. This creates a diverse group of people. We have social & networking events. These events are created to encourage you to grow your business so it may thrive in the Glasshouses.

 On Tuesdays, we host coffee mornings for members to get to know each other. This is always a crowd favourite, as there is always interesting chatter and some delicious cakes and snacks. In the evenings, we have hosted art shows for Adrienne Finnerty, whose art is displayed in our GH2 offices. We have hosted podcasts and drinks evenings with members of the building too. 

Serviced Offices in Dublin Need Prime Location

Our Dun Laoghaire offices are easy to access by public transport. Both locations are a five-minute walk from the Dart. There are also many different bus routes that pass through Dun Laoghaire including 7, 7n, 46a, 46n, 59, 63, 75 or 111. If you would rather cycle to work, There are great new cycle lanes that have been put down on the roads. There is also daytime parking if you’d prefer to drive. 

Being beside the sea means there is fresh air all around you, and you can take a stroll down to the pier on your break. Having fresh air and a nice view can have benefits to your mental and physical health.

Serviced Offices in Dublin, The Glasshouses Sandyford

The Glasshouses Sandyford is a new addition. The Sandyford serviced offices in Dublin have opened much more recently than The Glasshouses Dun Laoghaire. However, the offices are in high demand as they are in a perfect location and easily accessible. You reach our Sandyford office by the Luas or bus routes 1, 47, 75, 114, or 116. These office spaces are also easily accessible by bike, aa there are cycle lanes heading into Sandyford. You can reach the Sandyford office easily by car. There is parking in the beacon south quarter or the Luas Park and Ride inside the Beacon South Quarter. 

Our small and larger offices are perfect for sole traders, small businesses and fully formed companies. We have meeting rooms that fit up to 20 people, with incredible video conferencing software. Our location is in the Beacon south Quater. This means we are surrounded by a spectacular selection of cafes, restaurants and shops. 

Serviced Offices in Dublin, The Glasshouses Blackrock

Our Blackrock is close to the dart line and has excellent cycle lanes. Only a stone’s throw away from the beach, there is a great opportunity for going for pleasant walks to clear your head on your break or after an exhilarating day of work. There are many nice cafes and restaurants near the Blackrock offices only a short walk from The Blackrock offices. 

The Benefits of serviced offices in Dublin

Serviced offices in Dublin mean that you cut out a huge chunk of the costs that rack up when moving to an unfurnished office. These prices include desks, chairs, kitchen appliances, cleaning supplies, video conferencing devices, and wifi. A lot of money, time and effort go into making a building feel like it belongs to a professional company. We are here to allow you to spec your time and efforts somewhere it can be more useful. 

Why Work From a Serviced Office in Dublin, Rather Than From Home

Being in an environment where the people around you are like-minded can benefit you greatly. With other companies growing alongside your own you can support each other. This can be by simply seeing someone else’s progress, or through a more supportive role. Meeting people with similar industries, or industries that are needed for your company to run can have a significant impact on the way you run things. 

Another reason is productivity. While working from home can be extremely productive, there can also be a lot of distractions. People coming in and out of the room, kids screaming, a delivery person arriving, all of these things can interrupt your rhythm. 

Getting out of the house is beneficial to your mental health as well. Being able to separate your work and home life means you can completely switch your brain when you get home. This means you can relax in the evening to take some time for yourself or with your family. You will also get a night of better sleep because you have gotten up and out of the house for the day, instilling a sense of achievement. 

Benefits of a Coworking Space

A coworking space means that you are working around other people from different companies. This can have extraordinary benefits for creativity, networking and a generally positive attitude in the workplace. Why? Having others around to inspire is important as it is human nature to mimic those around us. When you surround yourself with driven people, you yourself will become driven. This can be seen in sports and businesses competing with each other. Competition drives you to do better, but so does support. In the Glasshouses, we hope you will feel both. While you have the drive to achieve more, you will also support those around you who are struggling to find that motivation. 

Our previously mentioned events like podcasting evenings and coffee mornings can help you make the right contacts and get your brand out there. 

About the Glasshouses

The Glasshouses are purpose-built office and hot desk spaces in Dun Laoghaire. Sandyford and Blackrock. These spaces are used by professionals who wish to have an office for themselves and employees, or just to get out of the house for two/ three days a week. 

All of our locations are outside the city centre, to make a nicer working environment. All of our buildings have fully equipped kitchenettes with a fridge, microwave, sink and dishwasher. Of course, we supply tea, coffee and milk for our members.

The Glasshouses is a working environment where businesses can thrive and grow. Contact us today to book your place.