Serviced Office Spaces in Blackrock

What are Serviced Office Spaces?

The Glasshouse Blackrock, The Glasshouses Sandyford, The Glasshouses Dun Laoghaire (GH1 and GH2) all have provide serviced office spaces in Dublin. They are fully furnished, cleaned regularly and managed by The Glasshouses. As you will discover in this article, served office space provides a nurturing and inspiring environment for your business to grow. Imagine your business is a tiny seedling (or perhaps it’s now a medium-sized plant) and the glass wall of the Glasshouses is your greenhouse – we will help you to grow and thrive and bear the fruit of success within our walls. If you are a startup, sole trader or a larger enterprise, The Glasshouses is the perfect base for your operations to expand beyond your expectations.

Why Get Serviced Office Spaces in Blackrock


It is a huge comfort knowing that everything is taken care of in your building. Making sure there is coffee in the press or that the milk is fresh is not your responsibility. Everything is taken care of for you. When you rent an office building, you would normally sign a lease for a long period of time. During this time you must pay a large rent, electricity, heating and any other bills that are not being paid by the landlord. These costs add up when you have an office with employees using these amenities too. In The Glasshouses, you do not need to think about any of that. It is taken care of by the building for your comfort and ease.

Clear Your Head

Sea air clears your head so you can think clearly. When you return to your serviced office space this will help you. Having a clear head will help you to work harder and be more productive.

Exercise on Blackrock Beach

Fancy a morning run? A morning swim? Or maybe just a morning walk? Well, get to work a bit early and head for the beach. We have shower and changing facilities in our serviced office spaces. 

No Long-Term Commitment in our Serviced Office Spaces

In The Glasshouses, we ask you to sign a license instead of a lease. This means we require only two months’ notice before you vacate your office. This leaves you with a lot of room for change or adjustment. If renting an office space does not suit you anymore, you can move on quickly without any fuss.

What Is There To Do Around Blackrock?

Blackrock is home to many exciting places. Good food, coffee and activities close to your office can boost morale and productivity. We have listed below some of our favourite places to visit in Blackrock. 

Cafes Near Our Serviced Office Spaces in Blackrock 

The Wooden Spoon 

Only a 4 min walk from our serviced office spaces in Blackrock, The Wooden spoon is fantastic for food on the go. 

The Mellow Fig

Known for its exquisite breakfasts and great atmosphere, The Mellow Fig is only four minutes walk from our Blackrock offices and cater to all dietary requirements. 

Ciamei Cafe

An Italian cafe that makes a delicious, hearty lunches. Ciamei is known for its fantastic food and service. 

The Vanilla Pod Eatery 

Their delicious lunches with large portions and decent prices will have you returning to The Vanilla Pod. And it’s only a five-minute walk from our Blackrock offices. 

Blackrock Park

Blackrock Park is a 10 minute walk from The Glasshouses Blackrock. You can sit on the grass here and eat your lunch, go for a stroll or just people watch. A beautiful park full of gorgeous greenery that will brighten your spirits and clear your head. Whether it’s your lunch break, your early morning start or an after-work cool down stroll, you’ll be thankful this is on our doorstep.

Sea Swimming Beside Your Serviced Office Space

Nothing shocks your system better than a dip in the icy Irish sea! So why not start your day there? When your office is only a six-minute walk from the beach, you can do this with ease. 

What Are The Benefits Of Co-Working Spaces


Working in the right atmosphere is key to success in your business. The Glasshouses pride itself on creating environments where you and your employees can concentrate on growing your business. In fact, we encourage growth by providing a place for you to work with no looming fear of maintenance or unexpected bills. 

Networking in Your Serviced Office Space

Being surrounded by like-minded people with similar goals and ambitions can do wonders for your motivation and company vision. In The Glasshouses, we have members from all different fields and backgrounds. Knowing people in different fields means that when you need advice, you have someone to speak to about it. In fact, you may have (for example) your new software developer sitting right in front of you. 


Inspiration can come from all kinds of places at all stages of life. It drove you to create your business and drives you to continue growing it. However, there is a different type of inspiration – the type that comes from seeing others do well. Finding inspiration in your office, through other members and businesses will encourage you and your employees to work harder and exceed your goals. 

What Other Locations Do The Glasshouses Have?

The Glasshouse have a location in Blackrock, a location in Sandyford and two locations in Dun Laoghaire called GH1 and GH2.  Originally, the vision of The Glasshouses was to create space outside of the city centre where people can come to work, network and grow their business.

GH1 is the first-ever Glasshouse. It is located in Harbour Court, George’s Place. GH2 is located on Georges Street, right in the heart of Dun Laoghaire. The town has many coffee shops and restaurants, and it is only a five-minute walk from the DART. There are a number of bus routes that pass through the town which makes it easily accessible by public transport. Dun Laoghaire has also seen a number of upgrades recently. Changes made to the road network make it safe for cyclists to come and go, and The Glasshouses Dun Laoghaire has bike racks providing a safe place for you to lock your bicycle after your cycle to work – one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel. 

The Glasshouses Sandyford is situated in the Beacon South Quarter, and is only a 7-minute walk from the Luas or a couple of minutes from the bus routes that pass through. This makes it easily accessible by public transport. Sandyford also has superb bicycle lanes installed in its streets, making it safe and convenient to cycle to work and park your bike in our bike racks. The Beacon South Quarter alone is filled with amazing coffee, great food and plenty of shops. 

Both of these locations have affordable parking nearby and because they are not located in the city centre, you have a better chance of missing the traffic. 

Why The Glasshouses? 

The Glasshouses are a professional and welcoming space where we strive to foster creativity and growth. We take pride in the accomplishments of our members and enjoy seeing them prosper. Our buildings are all as beautiful as they are purposeful and we ensure this by displaying art and continuing our glass theme through all the buildings. 

If you are interested in a meeting room, hot desk or renting serviced office spaces, book a tour at one of our locations and see for yourself.